America’s Sergeant Major!

Now it’s official. As of yesterday afternoon you may no longer address me as America’s 1stSgt, at least not if you expect me to answer.  Below are some pictures of this landmark day in American military history:

The last time I report as America’s 1stSgt.

Here I am somewhat disappointed to discover pinning on SgtMaj chevrons doesn’t initiate an immediate download of knowledge and greatness.  I knew I should have brought my thumb drive.   

A dramatic change in camera angles denotes my new status.
 It will take some time to get used to being addressed by the new rank.  Every time someone says “Sergeant Major” I keep looking around to find one.  
The number one problem with getting promoted in the Corps is sooner or later they take your Marines away and give you a desk. I’m not so sure it’s a fair trade.
Everyone had been asking me if I was going to change my on line handle after I was promoted. No one else is seizing the mantle so I’m sticking to it.
Semper Fidelis!
America’s Sergeant Major
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  1. *squeals* Congratulations, Sgt. Maj.! This is so wonderful, and I can tell just from this blog that you are befitting of this promotion. 😀 *runs around squealing*

    You’re really good at captions, by the way! I now have to pick bits of cereal out of my keyboard.

  2. Congrats!

    You made it all the way to Top’s Top!

    Top of the Corps is all that’s left to go.

    Btw, any word on your next posting yet?

    – Grimmy

  3. Many congratulations! Considering that the Marines are “the few, the proud,” your awe inspiring new rank must make you one of “the fewest and the proudest.” I’m very impressed.

    Congratulations, too, to the Marines. I assume they know how lucky they are to have you.

  4. Please tell me you won’t walk around looking for rocks to be painted…or like the SGM we had in Baghdad…the teams would be out all day…then he’d call all them over to the motor pool because the trucks were not lined up in perfect lines. He wanted us to paint lines in the sand and rock.
    Just make them be war fighters.

  5. Wow! Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

    Some answers to a few questions:

    Anyone who attempts to “pin” me will be pinned right back.

    No, I do not aspire to be SgtMaj of the Marine Corps. At that level I imagine the politics would kill me.

    I have orders to be the I&I SgtMaj with 3/25 in Ohio. That would be Inspector and Instructor staff for a reserve battalion.

    I am more inclined to throw rocks than paint them.

  6. America’s Sar Major is moving to Ohio. Note to self: in case of zombie outbreak plan to head for Ohio.

    Congrats sir!


  7. Congratulation!

    Good to see that even someone like you could fall … upwards. ;P Just joking.

    Good luck for everything ahead. Hopefully you wont need it. =)

  8. Congratulations Sergeant Major! I expect continued Zombie Slaying discussions. If they do take your Marines away, I expect a 101 ways to slay a Zombie while at your dest post!

  9. Congratulations, Sergeant Major. When I was an Army company grade officer years ago, I was lucky to have a few First Sergeants and Sergeants Major who kept me from doing too much damage. I still appreciate them to this day – may you have a lasting impact in your new assignment.

  10. America’s Sergeant Major:

    Congratulations. While Ohio is closer than you have been of late; it is still too far for me to stop by a shake your hand. Let us know if/when you are next on the left coast.

    Paul L. Quandt
    USCG Auxiliary

  11. Congratulations, America’s Sgt Major!!! I’m sure you will bring new dash and style to your desk. Please don’t quit writing! We are depending on you to keep us updated ( and cleaning out our keyboards) on the latest from the front, Zombie apocalypse style!!!

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