“America’s” 1stSgt?

The moniker “America’s 1stSgt” has drawn some interesting remarks from time to time. Comments range from an Army groupie referring to the name as “presumptuous”, to a 76 year old retired Marine who: “… isn’t so sure you should be calling yourself America’s First Sergeant but says you are in the boots and would know if you can fill ’em out or not.”

Others have even said: “You can’t give yourself a nickname!” To which I generally agree. All I can tell you is America’s 1stSgt isn’t a nickname but a title by which I author this blog (and email, and answer the phone, and…). My real name isn’t exactly a secret but it’s more fun this way.

Where does the name come from? It is a long and storied tale beginning with my time as a Company 1stSgt with 3d Battalion 3d Marines, known as “America’s Battalion.” Way back in the 1980s future Commandant Charles Krulak was the battalion commander. He was also a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys (don’t hate him for it). You may recall the Cowboy’s nickname was “America’s Team.” Some time during his tenure as commanding officer a friend mailed him a letter addressed simply: “Commanding Officer, America’s Battalion.” The Postal Service, being the fine outstanding federal entity it is, delivered the letter to LtCol Krulak. From that point on the name stuck. You can verify the story with the Marine Corps’ History and Museum Division if you like.

In 2007 I was the Kilo Company 1stSgt and my Company Commander and I took to referring to Kilo as “America’s Rifle Company.” Somewhere along the line, since no one was claiming the title, I began signing off on e-mail as “America’s 1stSgt.” It was particularly apt when I became the Headquarters Company 1stSgt which is the senior 1stSgt billet in the battalion. When the battalion commander begins to refer to you as America’s 1stSgt it’s game on and I haven’t looked back since. Besides, no one took on the mantle after I transferred so I figured I’d just keep the name.  

So there you have it. The origin of “America’s 1stSgt.” I mean really, Captain America has been without a senior enlisted adviser for far too long.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt


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  1. To all, you are too kind. It does have a ring to it which may not fit the rank of SgtMaj (we do not have Command SgtsMaj in the Marine Corps). I guess we will find out after the promotion board in a few months.

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