• December 4, 2009
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America’s 1stSgt Sighting!

Edit: It’s Burkapalooza aroung here at the moment.lol.
The children are stoked, it’s all kinds of loud and he gets cranky, if you

don’t feed him every two hours. As for the pictures, ah well, I suppose

I’ll help him out. I mean–since I’m such a giver and all…’sides he’s

napping on the couch and he can’t possible want or need anything at the

moment. I have been taking him to my gym. (Pictures

and video to follow or immediately available for a small non-refundable

fee which will post inconspicuously on your next credit card statement.)

More posts coming. I’ll leave this up without a new post until Sunday

afternoon. He’s chomping at the bit to post Part II of his trip home.

It is pretty good and don’t worry, I’ll be posting it, not him.~America’s 1st Handler

Apparently I have been seen lurking in airports throughout America.

Reports are sketchy but from what I can tell I have actually executed PCS orders (Permanent Change of Station) and have left Hawaii and America’s Battalion for the last time. I may have left claw marks on the beach.
As usual, cryptozoologists are unable to take a clear photo of the elusive creature known as the “Abominable America’s 1stSgt”.
Legend has it that if you have been bad, the Abominable will terrorize you in your sleep. Especially if you have been waiting up all night for him.

At any rate Part II of the epic Flight of Tears is in the hopper and will be posted shortly. I actually had to post this one all by myself with no assistance from my handler. Can you tell?

Semper Fi,

America’s 1stSgt
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  1. Yes, sadly, the lack of photos does make it apparent that you completed this post without assistance, but I think we’ll still respect you in the morning. *smile*

    I’d have to be dragged from the beach myself, especially from Hawaii.

  2. Top,
    I suggest contacting your S-6 (commo section) and request an E-3 come over and help load the photos.
    Don’t feel too bad. For the folks who know me, they think somebody else does my blog because I play like I know nothing about computers and stuff.
    Every once in a while I have to ask somebody smarter than I am how to do something …like music…Wrexie explained.

  3. Phone conversations with my S-6 Data shop usually involve me saying something like:

    “Either make it work or just come pick up whatever pieces you can find outside my window!”

    You can always tell which Marines in the data shop have phone watch. They are the ones who have developed a nervous tic.

    And Coffee may be right. It’s sad to realize you may just be a one trick pony.

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