• April 4, 2010
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America’s 1stSgt for Class President!

It seems Castra Praetoria is now in the finals for the 2010 MILbloggies. Scientists inform me they are unable to quantify the coolness of this event with current technology. In an effort to aid them, I have begun to do some of my own research.

And it’s not helping…

So now I am just drumming up support instead. The innate loyalty of FAST Company Marines is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

“No MILbloggie award means no Christmas. Any questions?”

Speaking of loyalty, there are other categories besides World’s Finest United States Marine Corps. I am partial to Free Range International in the Veteran category and A Little Pink In A World Of Camo in the spouse category. Free Range is written by a former Marine and Pink In Camo is the widow of a Marine. See the trend?

To see the current standings, go here. Then cast your vote! It’s the American thing to do after all.

In the meantime, with the MILbloggies phase of my master plan in motion, I contemplate my next step in world domination.

Semper Fi!

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. I just never realized Marines had a sense of humor and were, well, sort of human.

    This post made me smile and laugh – a big accomplishment these days.

    I wish you well in the voting Michael. Sure would hate for your Marines not to have Christmas.

    And that doggie is just the CUTEST! Life father like son/daugher I suppose.


  2. The dog looks absolutely FASCINATED with what you were reading.

    Regardless of whether you win or not, we will continue to suffer.


  3. Thank you, Hope, for all you do in support of America’s First Sergeant and his blog! Wouldn’t it be cool (and deserved) if he won?

  4. and on that note, I’d like to add that we are up by one! Spread the word, people and anyone who hasn’t voted HURRY UP!

    It is a quick registration– just think up a user name and a password.

    The link goes to your email which you hit to go back to the milblogging.com page. This will either take you to the voting page or if you go to the main page, on the upper right hand corner of the main page title bar it will say Milbloggies. Hit that link, hit Marine Corps, hit CP.

    Right now he’s neck and neck with one other blog.

  5. Voted, A1S, for you and your recommendations as well as a couple others I read. Good luck! (And great blog! I laughed myself silly at the pics of you and the dog.)

  6. Man, it ain’t easy lurking these days! And now some new places to go … I will expect Christmas to arrive as scheduled in Bahrain and everywhere else you’ve conquered, and for all dogs to be gainfully employed as physicists.

  7. First Sergeant you are a total stud brother and I enjoy your blog. You remind me of my first 1st Sgt back in happy Camp Horno… I can hear him now…..

    “Mr. Lynch a word with you sir. What exactly were you trying to say when you wrote the following on Sgt X’s FitRep “…..”

    “not really sure 1st Sgt”

    “yes I can see that; perhaps the young gentleman would like to try again using proper English and punctuation?”

    Nobody can make a young officer feel more foolish when he fails to perform to standard than a good 1st Sgt and I am sure many an officer has been carefully honed under your watchful eye.

    I am going to have to keep a close eye on the editorial staff lest I be called to the carpet by you for poorly written blog posts.

  8. He is, but it’s a tight one. A ten vote lead had a gap on it that has quickly closed this morning… We still have two days so spread the word and let’s keep the momentum going! Blog the news, put it on your Facebook page…Twitter even! Thanks for all your help everyone!

  9. Ok, I voted & let my daughter know that she and her1500 facebook friends needed to register & vote for 1stSgt Burke or Christmas will replaced by a 4 day working party.

    One the other hand, what’s this bs about having Christmas? Back in the old Corps….. nevermind.


    (and Hope, Bravo Zulu)

  10. Jenny, I don’t see what’s so funny about trying to educate animals in the ways of quantum theory.

    DP, I hope venturing out into the sunlight like this isn’t giving you too much of a burn. But the sacrifice is worth it if we save Christmas. Think of the children!

    Baba Tim, my fitrep conversations usually go something like:
    “Sir, you actually graduated from an accredited university?”
    “1stSgt I just can’t think of anything we did last quarter to put in his billet accomplishments.”
    “Sir, there’s a training schedule posted isn’t there??”

    Linda, you are a fine American and your sacrifices are noted.

    Magoo, because America’s 1stSgt has made more of an impact on world events than legions of politicians ever will.

    Powdergirl, I’m afraid I am slipping behind. Losing to an air winger might be a mortal blow to my ego.

    Hope, they need to make site admin awards for admins with superior kung fu.

    Jim, that’s the thing. Christmas won’t be canceled for Marines. It will be canceled for EVERYONE. Tell your daughter to get on board.

  11. Thanks Jim!

    We are neck and neck with this blogger so one of the most important things to do is not let up on this.

    It is going to be a close contest. Any help CP readers can give will be great. We have not been more than a couple two or three votes ahead or behind so EVERY VOTE will count!

    Thanks again!

  12. Tankerbabe here – hijacking America’s 1stSgt’s comments. I voted for “our man”. My blog is running second in the U S Military supporter category and I’d love the help. So if you haven’t voted in that category yet it’s “From Cow Pastures To Kosovo” (Long but meaningful story behind that crazy name).

    Thanks all and go get ’em Michael.

  13. Hey Leta, I voted for ya!!! I also put up a link on FB this morning…much luck to you…currently, we are two ahead, but we have been behind by that much as often as we have been ahead…it is going to be a very tight race. Voting ends tomorrow at a minute before midnight EST. Keep the word out for one more day!

  14. A1S, thought I was helping to save Christmas for the Marines, but I guess the children enjoy that sort of thing too :>) I may be squinting, but I figure putting up a vote is the least I can do considering all the reading I’ve enjoyed here. And congratulations on hitting 3 digits in followers!

  15. Taco was pretty cool for doing that. His people are crushing me though. Ha!

    He had posted a comment but I don’t seem to be able to find it here. Strange.

    This is going down to the wire.

    DP, thanks! I figured I would be the only one to notice that. Another shameful admission, I do keep one eye on the followers. Sigh.

  16. Taco left his comment on the “hijack” post.

    Sheesh…I got to work for the morning and you start sliding backwards. DUDE! I had paratroopers in Afghanistan spend their entire 10 minute allotment of internet time voting for you and me. Catch up will ya?

  17. Tell it, Leta! Tell it.
    I’ve been hitting mine up in Iraq, Horn of Africa and Afghanistan and I’m totally hijacking the work computer to check stats again.

    Must. stop.

    Have a wedding to do!

    Incidentally, as soon as my blog is up I totally have a story on Mike about table slapping, lion growling and making people wet themselves.

    I think I’ll lead with that one when the blog is back up.hmmmm…

  18. Congrats 1stSgt… Job well done!! I can’t wait to see your logo on the website. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to grab a beer when you get back.
    Semper Fi,
    The SandGram

  19. Dear America’s 1stSgt,

    Congratulations on whooping my ass in the Milbloggies. Be advised, however, that next year it won’t be so easy…

    buhahahahaaaa! (that’s my evil, conquer the world laugh)

    Seriously, though. Your blog rocks my boot socks.

    Semper Fi

  20. Thanks guys! I won’t be able attend the conference so if you are there make sure there is plenty of GROWLING.

    Christina, it wasn’t personal it was business. Ha! I now celebrate my victory with choc chip cookies and milk.

    Tankerbabe, I think they were referring to the dog not the Devildog.

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