America’s 1stSgt as seen through the eyes of troops:

    An artist’s rendition recently showed itself in the company area. 
I am told this is a “character study.” Hmmm…
One often wonders the kind of impression he makes on those around him.

It seems I cut myself shaving more often than I thought.

At my expense, a number of friends have already interpreted what this picture actually depicts, including a juice box malfunction due to operator error.
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. And the fact that you have to “shave” your forehead proves you are in fact, an animal. I can see the comic book panels now. Sgt Rock is a pogue compared to your Hardness sir.

  2. Pax, maybe cute means something different Down Under but here it is generally not a word used to describe Marines or America’s 1stSgt in particular.

    Okie, you are too kind.

    Powdergirl, supporting the juice box theory is liable to lead to plague infection. Be careful!

    CI Roller, report to the nearest plague decontamination site immediately!

    Grendel, I am told this is merely a “character sketck.” This leads me to believe there is more awesome to come.

    Kristina, your support is appreciate and noted.

  3. <A1S…. the “?” was meant to show Ironic confusion.

    And nice side step there on the Fangs/drool query

    [off to add “cute” to the “Pax shouldn’t” communication list]

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