• May 7, 2014
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Airborne Adventures I

 Ft Benning, GA 2003

Anyone who has ever attended Airborne training at Ft Benning can attest the school is designed to push as many basically trained Pvts through the course as quickly as possible. They don’t have a lot of time to apply baby powder to the bruised butt-butts of more senior military members who are also students in the course. In an Army school you are a student no matter the rank. Some of the instructors took delight in putting senior students on blast just because they could.

As an example, one Saturday America’s Gunnery Sergeant was walking down the sidewalk near the barracks in civilian clothes. Among the silly rules of jump school were students had to run everywhere. A young Army type threw open the window of his office nearly hurling himself through it shouting: “Are you a student?”

“Yeah,” I said. This kid was clearly a decade younger than I was and the look on  my face challenged him to get stupid with me.

“Well, I don’t care who you are, if you’re on my sidewalk you’d better be running!”

Without missing a beat I took one step to my left and off the walkway. Now technically out of the Airborne training area, I kept strolling on my merry way and paid this tool no further mind.

Tough guy impotently slammed his window shut and presumably got back to playing with his action figures.

Hoo-ha, Airborne!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Why does this remind me of the story of two bulls…a young one and a more seasoned one. The young bull says “let’s race down this hill and get us a cow”….whereas the older (wiser) bull says “how bout we just walk down and get them all”….

  2. Lulz. As a PFC attending in ’94, there were similar rules. I don’t recall them being enforced while in civvies, especially on weekends.


  3. Trudy, I can’t say, but in this case the two bulls were not in agreement.

    Jay, not sure. It might of just been a young instructor, or even more likely, some admin type who wanted to play the role.

    CI, not all the Black Hats were like that. I have to admit most of them were pretty cool with me.

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