AHHHH…PARADISE…not as advertised

Back to work in the middle of week two and everything as returned to a state of raw madness as there are only about 11 working days in the entire month of November and we just HAVE to do two months worth of stuff during this time.
This includes a regimental run, a regimental change of command, the Marine Corps Ball, a Combat Fitness Test, turning in equipment issued for the deployment, administrative audits, shots, dental appointments, a regimental PME (professional military education), promotions, NJPs, the rifle range, redoing emergency data sheets for families, platoon commander notebooks for all new Marines.
Oh did I mention that 357 Marines were added to my company today? Everyone that is getting out or transferring to other units were dropped in my lap to keep track of. This puts me at 580 strong. I even get all the clowns with administrative and legal issues. Tomorrow in fact I have four going to NJP that I didn’t have yesterday. Hooray!
On top of all this I have to execute orders shortly and have to check out within the 11 days of work going on this month. How are there only 11(approximate) working days? Well we have the Veteran’s Day holiday, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of our post deployment leave block.
So what I’m really saying is forgive me for my tardiness in not posting since my return. It may sound crazy but sometimes getting shot at is simpler and less stressful than being in garrison.
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. Ahh, I got a HopeRadio fix and a Castra Praetoria fix all on the same day! Bliss.

    You did promise photos of the 1st Sgt. Swaggering Soiree, yes? I can’t seem to find it with google search but I thought I read it, lol. Even if I’m making it all up, do have a wonderful ball, Soiree and Turkey day. Then, may leave be all you want and more.

  2. Ally, a Swaggering Soiree? Not sure if I know what that is. But pictures I can do. I know I’ve been somewhat remiss of late. Pictures, check.

    Coffee, there is indeed civilian life. One day that will be me as well. Contrary I do not thrive on stress but it does keep me busy and makes for stuff to complain, I mean, write about.

  3. Top,
    But admit that you love it.
    We only train “one weekend a month” (My ass) but the Army expects us to get all the crap for an entire month done in 2 days.
    Damn, I can’t wait to retire next year….
    Welcome home Top…

  4. Well at least you’re back! 🙂

    And American turkey has got to taste better than Middle Eastern turkey product.

    Happy Veteran’s day and early Thanksgiving!

  5. CI Roller, I love getting in there with the young Marines and hopefully making a positive impact on their lives. I suppose that is something I can do as a teacher or something once I retire but first I will retire and not do anything until I am bored I think.

    Songbird, thank you and that’s right! Tomorrow is the 234th Marine Corps birthday. Eeer-ah!!!

    Kanani, sadly no, I do not have a date. I know this is a shock to everyone. Just let it go, really.

    T, real turkey is indeed tastier! And a merry Marine Corps Birthday to you!

  6. Travis, thank you! On this merriest of holidays may all your dreams come true.

    Really Southern, that’s like bringing your sister to homecoming. Besides, one of my favorite hobbies at the Ball is to hit on all the Lt’s dates.

    Kanani, mostly I’ll probably be gently telling Marines that they’ve had too much to drink and that it might be a good time to go home.

  7. “Besides, one of my favorite hobbies at the Ball is to hit on all the Lt’s dates”

    *wipes the coke off the monitor screen amidst the laughter*

    That is So very you 😀

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