Adventures in drill weekend!

There is a unique aspect in the Reserves in which members can transfer to any unit that has a spot open for them. One Reserve officer described this as Reservists being able to “vote with their feet.” If they did not like the unit they are in they can always look for another. This is handy for Reservists who have to travel long distance to drill (I know one officer who has to fly from D.C. to L.A. just to drill with his unit).

On the other hand there are those who float around different units without really making a commitment to stick around. These are the types I have little patience for.

Take for instance the case of the young officer who was with the battalion three whole months. For his first drill with us he checked in and was issued all his gear. For his second drill I have no idea what he did but apparently it was more than he could bear. On his third drill he checked out of the battalion.

He was standing in the hall waiting to see the battalion commander to complete his check out when I wandered by. I overhead him speaking to the battalion XO. My reaction to the news he was leaving was somewhat visceral.

“Sir, you checking out of the battalion already?”


“Don’t be a #&*$%@ quitter sir!” I boomed.

Our young hero hung his head and proceeded into the CO’s office. He was followed by an elated XO who was pumping his fist in celebration of my timely remark.

Hearts and minds, it’s what I do.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. A.S.M, the National Guard had a few floaters like that. After 9-11, I noticed a higher number than before who floated around to avoid deployments.
    However, on the other hand, I know many in my old Combat Engineer unit who stayed there for over 20 years…and volunteered for everything that came along. Floods, fires, earthquakes, riots, wars, etc.

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