• October 22, 2009
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A.W.O.L: A Warrior on Liberty

Lounging at a resort hotel on Maui at the moment.

Decompression, relaxation, and multiple cups of joseph are all in order.

I have no interest in making any decisions, thinking, or anything resembling taking responsibility for myself or anyone else. Waiters and staff are making all decisions for me:
“Sir, would you like to try our…”
“Yes, I would.”
Still getting over the time difference. Was a walking corpse early last night and crashed around 9pm. Instantly awake at 1am and finally crawled out of the rack at 03. Breakfast doesn’t start until 0630. Man! It will take a couple more days to transform back into something resembling a human being. In the meantime I will still appear as some kind of specter roaming the grounds of the resort at odd hours. Oh well, I guess I’ll do some pushups.

Will also take a stab at recounting the joyous adventure which was our 3 to 4 day flight home and hope to post that soon.

Thanks for the welcome home gang!

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Can’t tell you how happy I am for all of you and your friends and family members that you are all home safe and sound.

    Just WRONG for you to post that butt shot for us female to drool over. Man o man. 🙂

    Enjoy your down time. And WELCOME HOME!

  2. Top,
    Glad you can take some time off and relax. When I got home in 05′ I took a month off before going back to work at the police dept. I had over 2 weeks of terminal leave then took a few weeks off without any pay.
    The first day back to work, I had a bank robbery…which didn’t worry me because the bank robber hadn’t fired any shots. Everybody else (who’d never been to Iraq) was freaking out a bit.
    A little time in Iraq will give you a different view of life.

  3. Welcome home! Looks like you picked a great place to relax and not think. Enjoy every second of it.

    And there was absolutely nothing “wrong” with that butt shot from this female’s perspective! 🙂

    Aloha and Mahalo.

  4. Somehow I pictured you chosing something other than sand and luxerious surroundings 🙂
    However, now that I think on it, they probably have super fine coffee, folks who jump without having to be ordered and all that water can’t be bad for the health. Welcome home and may you have all the time you want to relax . . . and may all the Marines who decided to drink Hawaii dry be on the other side of another island.

  5. Thanks gang!

    Ok, there is no butt in the so called “butt shot” so dream on.

    And for the record, Hope and her cohorts have been trying to poison me with cheesecakes, chocolate covered death dripping with chocolate and a side order of chocolate, then trying to keep we awake for more by ordering pots of coffee sent to my room. It’s worse than combat!

    Today so far I have accomplished nothing but helping pool maintenance guys earn a living by lounging by the pool and turning in used beach towels. Gotta help the economy.

  6. Aloha nui loa, E komo mai.

    It’s good to see you where the waters are warm, the air is moist, and the surroundings are green and fragrant.

    No decisions should be made beyond the next cup of coffee, perhaps taking in a sunrise or sunset, and maybe …just maybe….a bit of harmless flirtation with a fine wahine.

  7. Ex-USAF type here. LOL, that pic of you on the bed reminded me of my 1st hop for a weekend in Bangkok out of DaNang. Soaked for hrs in tub at the then brand-new Siam Interconental, then a/c comfort & spread-eagled in bed afterwords “luxurating.”

    Welcome back!

  8. Thank all for the welcome home.

    Virgil, my first shower by myself this trip was in a hotel in Mumbai (a story I am working on for later). It was a huge walk in deal with no curtain and you could turn up the volume inside the bathroom so you could hear your TV. I left the door open to the bathroom and hung out in the shower for at least 45 mins watching Rambo.

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