• August 29, 2009
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A sign that it is time for me to leave Iraq…

Occasionally you have a premonition that it is time to move on. That what you’ve been doing is now concluded and your work here is actually done.

Recently I received the below notice on the all hands e-mail here in scenic Al Assad. After reading it, I felt it complete confirmation that it is time for me to leave this country and never return.

What I’m not sure about is which is more ludicrous: the idea that MWR is having a haunted house in a combat zone or that some brain surgeon thought it would be a good idea to host a haunted house and invite hundreds and hundreds of people armed with automatic weapons.

America’s 1stSgt
Refugee from the island life.

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  1. Just the thought of trick or treaters at the door would be stretching it, eh?

    Yes, it’s time to move on.
    Whatever it is, wherever it is, I’m sure you’ll have yer usual zing!

  2. Coffee, MWR is run by civilians. And here I thought all the real brain surgeons were already hired by the military.

    CI Roller, it really boggles the mind doesn’t it? Between salsa nights and disco pool parties it’s a wonder that I even get combat pay out here.

    Paxford, I’d like to see the ideas that they throw out. Those must be something else.

    Kanani, not going anywhere yet. I just want to. Sigh.

    T, no kidding.

  3. Kanani, I agree. One of the first things many of us want to do when we get back is to be left alone and unwind for a bit. I have been contemplating going to Maui or the Big Island when I get back for a weekend.

  4. A haunted house in Iraq seems so … I don’t even have the words to finish that statement. Go to the Big Island when you get home! I used to live in Hilo and I think it’s the perfect place to just unwind

  5. When The Hubs gets back, he’ll arrive on the East Coast. But he doesn’t want us at the airport. He wants to drive across the country to California to decompress.

    A weekend? No…. I think you should take much longer than that.

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