A Christmapocalyptic time of year!

Once again we enter the season of overpopulated shopping malls filled with consumers. Consumers of living flesh that is! That’s right, it’s the season of Christmapocalypse where I traditionally zombify the holiday. Stay tuned for Christmapocalypitc carols recounting America’s SgtMaj’s efforts to save humanity from the ravenous hordes of undead!

Note the seasonal coloring of this fine portrait of America’s Zombie Slayer.

My very first Christmapocalypse was celebrated in Amman, Jordan with a platoon of Leathernecks who were conducting some training. There I penned my first reanimated Christmas poem Twas The Night Before Christmapocalypse. It’s been all down hill from there as I’ve added one or two songs or poems to the collection every year since then. I’ve also had to rewrite a couple since my promotion to SgtMaj.

This month we will revisit the cataclysm of Christmapocalypse as I re-post my original work celebrating the season and some new verse as yet to be published here at the Camp of the Praetorians.

In the meantime, enjoy a link to the original Christmapocalypse! post from 2009. As we proceed into the hot zone of zombie contagion, some survival tips and some gift suggestions are also in order.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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