1. Wow, I first thought we were in the same platoon, just the DI’s looked different. I graduated Charlie Co. Plt. 1034. About two weeks before you. Weird.

  2. Well, by pure definition, any Jarhead of less time in service is a “boot” to those who have been in service longer. However, there may have been a time when I could have called you boot (after all I was a 1/3 0311), but since I chose to leave my beloved Corps, it appears that I would no longer be allowed to use that term when referring to you. I guess technically speaking, I have now become the “boot.”

  3. I was C 1/3 3rd platoon (same time frame). SSgt Waller was my platoon commander with Capt. Smith commanding. Lt. Kelly as XO if I remember and SgtMaj. St Pierre as BN SgtMaj. Sound familiar?? I went MSG after our trip to Australia.

    1. SgtMaj St. Pierre was our Company 1stSgt when I was with Lima Co. 3/4 (1988). He was something else with his French Canadian accent. Lol!

  4. Thanks for posting that photo! I actually lost all mine several years ago. Got any more from Our platoon? I’m right behind Drill Instructor Sgt Heiserer.

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