237 years of fighting the forces of evil!

Yes, I have been somewhat absent of late but it would be remiss of me to not wish all my ninjas a happy 237th birthday.

I was asked if I will get the first piece of cake this year and the answer is no. Though I’m sure young Marines view America’s SgtMaj as a crusty old salt, there are many hardcore Marine vets here in northern Ohio attending the ball. If I were to reach for the first piece of cake I imagine my wrist would be violently struck with a cane as some old war horse bellowed: “Stand aside boot!”

Besides, among active duty Marines it is unofficially considered bad form to seek to be the oldest Marine present. If you are the oldest you generally try to hide the fact.  We are a pretty unforgiving lot and will take advantage of any opportunity. As an experienced narrator of Marine Corps birthday cake cutting ceremonies, I can attest to having perhaps inflated the ages of the oldest Marine present a time or two. There’s nothing as thrilling as having a retired, leathery, ol’ SgtMaj give you the hairy eyeball during the cake cutting as you suggest he may have attended boot camp in WWI.

All in all, the Marine Corps birthday is an opportunity to break bread with comrades, family, and friends of the Corps. We reminisce about the days of auld lang syne and hoist a pint in memory of  cherished brethren.  We few, we happy few…

A very happy birthday to the warriors of the realm! You are America’s finest. May God bless America, and success to the Marines!

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Sooo….

    America’s SgtMaj:

    Is it true that the Romans made you learn how to swim with chainmail armor on while you served as a Marine in the sea battles with Carthage?

    Happy Birthday AmSgtMaj and to all the DevilDogs, past and present, living and dead.

    Semper Fi


  2. On this day in 1775 at Tun Tavern, the first Marine to enlist signed his name, turned to the man behind him in line and said,

    “Well, back in the _OLD_ Corps…”

    Happy B’day Bellhops from all your *Squid brethren out there.

    *which is of course just a highly evolved form of marine life.

  3. SgtMaj – I meant to come by yesterday and wish you and your Corps a very happy birthday. But I’m here today instead.

    To you and your Marines, I send my most sincere thanks for your service.

    Semper Fi.

  4. A.S.M.
    Well said…no matter what we may think, there’s always somebody who’s older than we are….(I hope).

    I kept trying to find that guy in our BN when I was in Iraq…. but I was him.

  5. This last Friday we had a potluck at work to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a couple Marine Officers that work with us and they brought left over cake from their ball. I had a small taste of the USMC colored frosting, and thought of all the Marines I “know” including you – and wished you all a happy birthday again.

    Even after all the years I have been in the Navy, I am amazed by Marines and thank God you all exist!

    Semper Fi!

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